Video Game Composer Jobs: Where to Find Them and Strategies for Building your Career

man producing video game music at his desk

Finding video game composer jobs is a bit like going on a treasure hunt. This industry isn’t like engineering, law, or medicine. There is no set path, and getting your degree doesn’t even guarantee you’ll find success in this industry. There are systems and structures built to help composers find developers to work with, but … Read more

How to Become a Composer for Video Games in 2022

matt kenyon sitting at his recording desk

Proven strategies for becoming a game composer and getting paid to make music for games **This post has been updated in November 2021** “How do you become a game composer?” This is the question I set out to answer three years ago when I first began my podcast, Composer Code. Since then, I’ve interviewed around … Read more

How Much do Video Game Composers Make?

Industry data on how much video game composers get paid How much do game composers make? According to an industry report, the average income of an employed game composer is $80,837 a year. Freelancers, on the other hand, make an average of $63,548 per year. But we need to talk about it a bit more … Read more