The Ultimate List of Musical Terms (200+)

A woman writing staff music on a chalkboard

This post is the ultimate list of musical terms. Use the Table of Contents to zoom around, or CTRL+F/CMD+F to find the term you’re looking for. Of any artistic discipline, music has some of the most complex and varied terminologies, from a bevy of fancy Italian words to essential slang tossed around in jazz circles. … Read more

Song Structure: The Blueprint of Music [+Examples]

person writing blueprint

Every time I try to start a blog post (like this one) without first writing an outline, I end up writing unfocused, inefficient copy. An outline serves as the bones of an article, blog post, or short story. While it’s possible to “fly blind,” it’s not advisable. There’s a reason we’re taught the skill of … Read more

Video Game Composer Jobs: Where to Find Them and Strategies for Building your Career

man producing video game music at his desk

Finding video game composer jobs is a bit like going on a treasure hunt. This industry isn’t like engineering, law, or medicine. There is no set path, and getting your degree doesn’t even guarantee you’ll find success in this industry. There are systems and structures built to help composers find developers to work with, but … Read more